013) Android Anatomy

Android Anatomy – The character has the form and/or characteristics of an android.  Android Anatomy is also known as Android Body, Android Mimicry, and Android Physiology.  Androids have bodies that are more human than those found in 380) Robot Anatomy.

Literary Critique of Android Anatomy 

Data (Star Trek) demonstrates the main character of most androids.  The struggle to become human.  Androids are more human like than robots and therefore this struggle makes more sense technically than in the case of robots.

The Vision (Marvel) also struggles with his humanity in Marvel Fact Files #38 (Eaglemoss).

The Vision attempts to understand humanity by creating a nuclear family in the Vision in a solo series.  The family starts out well but end in madness, murder and betrayal!

Kraal Android Duplicate – Fourth Doctor Sourcebook

Taran Android – Fourth Doctor Sourcebook


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