382) Rope Manipulation

Rope Manipulation – The ability to manipulate ropes. Rope can be made from natural fibers, synthetic fibers or wire.

Literary Critique of Rope Manipulation 

Batman’s (DC) Batline can even take out a rhino in Batman V1 #100!


Green Arrow (DC) uses a Rope Arrow in Adventure Comics #181.

rope-manipulation-green-arrow-rope-arrow-adventure-comics-181-37 rope-manipulation-green-arrow-rope-arrow-adventure-comics-181-38

Green Arrow fights the Roper (DC) in Adventure Comics #176.

rope-manipulation-green-arrow-the-roper-adventure-comics-176-37 rope-manipulation-green-arrow-the-roper-adventure-comics-176-38

The Hangman (Archie) uses a hangman’s noose as a weapon in Hangman Comics #8.


The Hangman (Dark Circle) is the successor of the Golden Age one in The Hangman #2.

rope-manipulation-hangman-the-hangman-2-19 rope-manipulation-hangman-the-hangman-2-20 rope-manipulation-hangman-the-hangman-2-25 rope-manipulation-hangman-the-hangman-2-26

The Hangman (Marvel) is a bad guy that uses a noose in Spider-Woman V1 #4.

rope-manipulation-hangman-spider-woman-v1-4-4 rope-manipulation-hangman-spider-woman-v1-4-5

Hawkeye (Marvel) uses a Rope Arrow in his debut in Tales of Suspense V1 #57.


Johnny Roper (DC) can lasso a jack rabbit but the Vigilante (DC) can lasso an eagle in Action Comics V1 #134.

rope-manipulation-johnny-roper-vigilante-action-comics-v1-134-41 rope-manipulation-johnny-roper-vigilante-action-comics-v1-134-46

Live Wire (Marvel) can even handle the Thing with an electrified lasso in Marvel Two-In-One #70.



rope-manipulation-live-wire-marvel-two-in-one-70-1 rope-manipulation-live-wire-marvel-two-in-one-70-2

Rope Man one of the The Mighty Heroes, is made of rope and can use the rope he is made of in Mighty Heroes #1 (Gold Key).

rope-manipulation-rope-man-mighty-heroes-1-5 rope-manipulation-rope-man-mighty-heroes-1-11 rope-manipulation-rope-man-mighty-heroes-1-15

Superman (DC) is super at everything including some rope action in Action Comics V1 #134.

rope-manipulation-superman-action-comics-v1-134-1 rope-manipulation-superman-action-comics-v1-134-13 rope-manipulation-superman-action-comics-v1-134-14

Hellina (Boundless) can use her mystical rope as a shield in Hellina #2.

Wonder Woman’s (DC) Lasso of Truth is a gift from the gods in Wonder Woman V2 #2.

Wonder Woman (DC) uses her Lasso of Truth to take down a dinosaur in Wonder Woman V1 #97.

Montana (Marvel) uses his lariat as a weapon in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V2 #4.

Trading Card Games uses ropes both magical and mundane.

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