133) Disease Mimicry

Disease Mimicry – The ability to be a disease.

Despotellis (DC) is sentient disease that is defeated by Leezle Pon, a Green Lantern Smallpox. Virus (Green Lantern V4 #18).

Disease Mimicry-Despotellis-Green Lantern V4 #18 (2007)

Sublime (Marvel) is a sentient bacterium (New X-Men #154).

Disease Mimicry-sentient bacterium-Sublime-New X-Men #154

Wildstorm Spotlight – Majestic #1 (2000) introduces the reader to a hyper-intelligent strain of syphilis known as the Simberleen.

Disease Mimicry-hyper-intelligent strain of syphilis-Simberleen

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