108) Cosmic Awareness

Cosmic Awareness – The ability to sense changes in the universe.

Literary Critique of Cosmic Awareness 

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) (Marvel) has this ability (Captain Marvel V1 #30).

Cosmic Awareness-Captain Marvel-Captain Marvel V1 #30

Captain Marvell gives the gift of cosmic awareness to the Super-Adaptoid (Marvel) in order to confuse the android in Captain Marvel V1 #50.

cosmic-awareness-super-adaptoid-captain-marvel-v1-50-18 cosmic-awareness-super-adaptoid-captain-marvel-v1-50-19

In Silver Surfer Annual #2, the Silver Surfer (Marvel) compares Marvel characters in terms of their level of cosmic awareness. The Silver Surfer thinks the following beings have high levels of cosmic awareness: Death, Doctor Doom, Dr. Strange, Eternity, Galactus, Mantis, Odin, Professor Charles Xavier and the Watchers. Mephisto could use his powers to have a high level of cosmic awareness but squanders this potential by focusing on human corruption.

Cosmic Awareness-Silver Surfer Annual #2

Odin (Marvel) shares some of his cosmic awareness with Tony Stark in Iron Man #7.3 (2012).

In Silver Surfer V6 #7, the Silver Surfer (Marvel) seems to show a type of focused cosmic awareness.


The Beast (Marvel) has cosmic awareness that is an extension of his original mathematical abilities as shown in Guardians of the Galaxy V3 #25.

Monica Rambeau (Marvel) – The Ultimates 2 #7

The zombie version of cosmic awareness in Zombee (Image).

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