341) Plasma Manipulation

Plasma Manipulation – The ability to manipulate plasma.  Plasma Manipulation is also known as Ionized Gas Manipulation, Plasma Control and Plasmokinesis.

Literary Critique of Plasma Manipulation 

Argent (DC) can create energy constructs out of plasma.

Plasma Manipulation-Argent (DC)

Hellstrike (Wildstorm) can project plasmas bolts (Stormwatch Sourcebook).

Plasma Manipulation-Hellstrike-Stormwatch Sourcebook

Jubilee (Marvel) had the ability to generate plasmoids (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #1, 2006).

Plasma Manipulation-Jubilee-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #1 (2006)

Sunfire (Marvel) converts solar energy into plasma which he can blast from his hands (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #11).

Plasma Manipulation-Sunfire-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #11

The Gen¹³ team includes Burnout (Wildstorm) who can generate plasma.


Praxagora (Marvel) can emit plasma blasts in Annihilation – Super Skrull #3.


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