050) Art Manipulation

Art Manipulation – The ability to use art to effect objects, powers and/or reality.  Art Manipulation is also known as Art Creation, Drawn Reality, and Illustrated Reality.

Literary Critique of Art Manipulation

Funny Face (DC) is probably the first comic book character with this power and I distinctly remember thinking what a cool superpower this would be (Superman V1 #19).

In “The Sands that Change” story in Creepy #16, the protagonist can make his drawings real.

Sometime the art manipulation power strays into (285) Metafictional Manipulation as shown in  My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic #53.

Painter of 1000 Perils (Marvel) – Marvel Legacy the Sixties Handbook #1 (1960)

Jimmy Olsen (DC) learns from Great Cloud how to make pictures into objects in Superman’s Pal #118.

Miracleman – Apocrypha

People become paintings and vice versa in Justice League of America V1 #136 (1976).


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