066) Biological Manipulation (others)

Biological Manipulation (others) – The ability to control aspects of another living creature’s biological make-up. This includes, but is not limited to, genetic alterations, physical distortion/augmentations, healing, disease, and biological functions.  Biological Manipulation (other) is also known as Biokinesis, Biology Manipulation, Cellular Control, Cellular Manipulation, Morbikinesis, Organic Life Manipulation and Vitakinesis.

Literary Critique of Biological Manipulation (others)

Elixir (Marvel) turns black when using his power for harmful purposes.

Biological Manipulation (others)-Elixir (Marvel)

Mr. Sinister (Marvel) likes to manipulate the biology of mutants (All-New OHOTMU A to Z #7).

Biological Manipulation (others)–Mr. Sinister - All-New OHOTMU A to Z #7


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