419) Superhuman Accuracy

Superhuman Accuracy – The character can use a ranged and/or thrown weapon(s) with superhuman accuracy.  Superhuman Accuracy is also known as Enhanced Accuracy, Enhanced Aiming, Enhanced Marksmanship, Enhanced Precision, Enhanced Targeting, Flawless Aiming, Flawless Accuracy, Flawless Marksmanship, Flawless Precision, Flawless Targeting, Improbable Aiming, Improbable Accuracy, Improbable Marksmanship, Improbable Precision, Improbable Targeting, Precise Aiming, Precise Accuracy, Precise Marksmanship, Skillful Aiming, Skillful Accuracy, Skillful Marksmanship, Skillful Precision, Skillful Targeting, Supernatural Accuracy, Supernatural Marksmanship, Supernatural Precision, Supernatural Targeting, Superior Aiming, Superior Accuracy, Superior Marksmanship, Superior Precision and Superior Targeting.  A person with this power may choose to use a (448) Thrown Weapon and/or (176) Everyday Object Weaponization .

Literary Critique of Superhuman Accuracy 

Bullseye (Marvel) is a supervillain that has this power and uses thrown weapons and even every objects instead of firearms.

Superhuman Accuracy–Bullseye (Marvel)

Deadshot (DC) is a supervillain that has this power but sticks to firearms (DC Who’s Who V1 #6).

Superhuman Accuracy-Deadshot-DC Who's Who V1 #6

Deadeye is a sharp shooter in the Ultraverse (1993 SkyBox Ultraverse).

Superhuman Accuracy-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-9Bk Deadeye Superhuman Accuracy-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-9Fr Deadeye

Holiday shows off her shooting ability in Pantheon #11 (Lone Star Press).

Superhuman Accuracy-Holiday-Pantheon #11 (Lone Star Press)

Bloodbow (Wildstorm) in the Cyberforce-Sourcebook #1.


Captain Sprocket sees a demonstration of pizza throwing accuracy by Super Pizza Pie Man in Archie’s Madhouse #43.


Maverick I (Monkeybrain) is similar to Bullseye (DC) in Edison Rex #15.


Shaft (Wildstorm) in Youngblood Battlezone #2.


Bulls Eye #05 (1955)

Marksman – Champions #5 (Eclipse)

Nikolai Dante2000 AD #1105

Vector 13 – “JFKed!” – 2000 AD #1070

Gunhawk (DC) – Bane – Conquest #9

Boone (Image) – Brigade Sourcebook #1

The Killer (Image) finds out he can shoot of the wings of flies in Wanted #1.

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