424) Superhuman Senses (hearing)

Superhuman Senses (hearing) – The person has enhanced hearing.  Superhuman Senses (hearing) is also known as Enhanced Hearing, Hyperacusia, Sharp Ears, Sensitive Hearing, Super Hearing, Supernatural Hearing and Supernatural Sense of Sound.

Literary Critique of Superhuman Senses (hearing) 

Superman’s hearing is in another league compared to Daredevil (Marvel).  However, Daredevil often uses his super hearing as a lie detector.

Superhuman senses (hearing)-Daredevil (Marvel)

Below is the first, and for now the only time, Superman (DC) has used his super hearing as a lie detector (Injustice – Gods Among Us Year Five #11).

Superhuman Senses (hearing)–Injustice-Gods Among Us Year Five #11 (2016)-12

Superman’s super hearing is so powerful that when it gets out of control, he has a major problem since he can hear every sound on Earth.  The same thing can happen to Daredevil but not on the same scale.  Daredevil cannot hear at a global level.

Superhuman Senses (hearing)-Superman

In Mystique #1, Mystique (Marvel) enlarges her tympanic membrane, using her shape shifting power, in order to increase her sense of hearing.

Superhuman Senses (hearing)-Mystique #1 (2003) - Page 22

The New Super-Man (DC) struggles to control his super hearing in New Super-Man #8.

The Chadra-Fan species have superhuman hearing but that doesn’t stop Darth Vader from killing them in Darth Vader #18 (2018).

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