424) Superhuman Senses (hearing)

Superhuman Senses (hearing) – The person has enhanced hearing.

Superman’s hearing is in another league compared to Daredevil (Marvel).  However, Daredevil often uses his super hearing as a lie detector.

Superhuman senses (hearing)-Daredevil (Marvel)

Below is the first, and for now the only time, Superman (DC) has used his super hearing as a lie detector (Injustice – Gods Among Us Year Five #11).

Superhuman Senses (hearing)–Injustice-Gods Among Us Year Five #11 (2016)-12

Superman’s super hearing is so powerful that when it gets out of control, he has a major problem since he can hear every sound on Earth.  The same thing can happen to Daredevil but not on the same scale.  Daredevil cannot hear at a global level.

Superhuman Senses (hearing)-Superman


In Mystique #1, Mystique (Marvel) enlarges her tympanic membrane, using her shape shifting power, in order to increase her sense of hearing.

Superhuman Senses (hearing)-Mystique #1 (2003) - Page 22

The New Super-Man (DC) struggles to control his super hearing in New Super-Man #8.

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