132) Disease Manipulation

Disease Manipulation – The ability to control diseases.

Infectious Lass (DC) has this power (Superboy V1 #201).

Disease manipulation-Infectious Lass-Superboy V1 #201 (DC)

Host (Pathogen) thinks of the diseases that inhabit her body as her children in Mystique #8 (Marvel).

Disease Manipulation-Host (Pathogen)-Mystique #8-20 Disease Manipulation-Host (Pathogen)-Mystique #8-21

Disease manipulation is not a common superpower but disease is used as a weapon by super villains, most notably Ra’s al Ghul (DC) uses Ebola Gulf-A, nicknamed “The Clench” to almost wipe out all humans in Gotham City before Batman finds a cure. The Clench first appears in Batman-Shadow of the Bat V1 #48.

Disease Manipulation–The Clench-Batman-Shadow of the Bat #48

Stryfe (Marvel) creates a virus called the Legacy Virus that only effects mutants.

The alien Technarchy uses the transmode virus to transform organic matter into techno-organic matter that they can absorb as energy. If a member of the Technarchy doesn’t absorb the infected being then they instead turn into a techno-organic being slave (Uncanny X-Men V1 #300).

Disease Manipulation–transmode virus-Warlock-Uncanny X-Men V1 #300


Sometimes diseases give you superpowers before killing you!  Sakutia allows children to turn into various green animals like Beast Boy (Teen Titans V3 #14).

Disease Manipulation–Sakutia-Teen Titans V3 #14

In Death Sentence by Titan Comics, a sexually transmitted disease gives the infected superpowers before killing them (Death Sentence #1).

Disease Manipulation–Death Sentence #1 (of 6) (2013)-3 Disease Manipulation–Death Sentence #1 (of 6) (2013)-22

Probably the most interesting comic disease is the Jigsaw Disease that appears in the Judge Dredd universe in 2000 AD #172.

Disease Manipulation–Jigsaw Virus - AD #172 (2000)

Aliens – Astonishing V1 #49 (1956)


Plague Spewer – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III


Plague Wretch – Creature Collection I


Simak – Meta-Baron T3 Orne #8 (Humanoids)

disease-manipulation-simak-meta-baron-t3-orne-8-humanoids-25 disease-manipulation-simak-meta-baron-t3-orne-8-humanoids-26

Slarecian Language Virus – Creature Collection I


Spirit of the Plague – Creature Collection I


Touch Corrupter – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


Viltrumites (Image) – Invincible #66


Wamp – Field Guide to Creatures of the Dreamlands

disease-manipulation-wamp-field-guide-to-creatures-of-the-dreamlands-1 disease-manipulation-wamp-field-guide-to-creatures-of-the-dreamlands-2

The Amazo Virus is a synthetic disease that grants superpowers before killing the host in Justice League-Injustice League V6.

disease-manipulation-justice-league-injustice-league-v6-149 disease-manipulation-justice-league-injustice-league-v6-151 disease-manipulation-justice-league-injustice-league-v6-179 disease-manipulation-justice-league-injustice-league-v6-180

In All-Star Batman V2 #6, Mr. Freeze (DC) explains how the ice core has a disease that will end life on Earth and of course he plans to use this disease for one of his mad plans.

disease-mimicry-all-star-batman-v2-6-1 disease-mimicry-all-star-batman-v2-6-2

Bloodmorel – DC Comics Presents-Superman Swamp Thing #85

Doomsday Virus – Superman V3 #31

Finn – 2000 AD #770

Marrashi – TSR 2145 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 1

Virus X – Action Comics #364

Rat of 12 Plagues (Marvel) in Iron Fist #77 (2018).

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