228) Inertia Manipulation (self)

Inertia Manipulation (self) – The ability to affect the inertia and/or momentum of one’s own body. Superior physical strength can move with more strength or kinetic energy but some characters have a power above and beyond physical strength in that they can manipulate their inertia in such a way that even a stronger enemy cannot overcome them in specialized areas.

Juggernaut (Marvel) is unstoppable once he is moving. The Juggernaut can manipulate his momentum. This is not a function of strength alone since even characters of equal or superior strength like Thor or the Hulk cannot stop him once he starts moving. Thor shows that the principle of Judo is the best way to handle the Juggernaut. Don’t try to stop the Juggernaut but go ahead and add some more force and move him somewhere he doesn’t like (Thor #429).

Inertia Manipulation (self)–Juggernaut-Thor #429 (1991)

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