060) Axe Manipulation

Axe Manipulation – The axe can be used for various superhuman effects. Axe Manipulation also known as Axe Proficiency, Enhanced Axemanship, and Enhanced Tomahawk Proficiency.  A subcategory of (490) Weapon Manipulation. Other weapons include (049) Arrow Manipulation, (079) Bow Manipulation, (176) Everyday Object Weaponization, (205) Hammer Manipulation, (259) Mace Manipulation, (407) Spear Manipulation, (411) Staff Manipulation, (436) Sword Manipulation, 448) Thrown Weapon and (494) Whip Manipulation.  Weapon Manipulation is  a subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Axe Manipulation 

Axes unlike swords are almost always used by villains.  The Executioner (Marvel) had an enchanted axe named Bloodaxe that had various powers.

Doctor Strange temporarily uses the Axe of Angarruumus in Doctor Strange V4 #5 (2016).

The Persuader (DC) has an Atomic Axe that can cut through any sort of matter or energy (DC Who’s Who V1 #17).


Axes both mundane and magical are favorite weapons in Trading Card Games.

030 Throwing Axes

099 Great Axe

101 War Axe

175 Light Axe


Axe of Anarchy

Axe of Despair

Axe of Tergoth

Axe of the Legion

Axe Raider


Axeman of Old Wyk

Axes of Horleen

Axman AXM-1N

Bone Splitter

Bruntor’s Axe


D101 War Axe

DT1 Headsmans Axe

Long Axe and Short Axe

Lord Alexanders Battle Axe

Lucky Strike Axe

Silver Axe

Singing Crystal Axe

Taoth’s Axemen

Wind Axe the Warrior Savage

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