168) Energy Absorption

Energy Absorption – The ability to absorb energy.   Energy Absorption is also known as Erogkinetic Absorption.

Literary Critique of Energy Absorption 

PowerPlex (Image) can absorb all types of energy including kinetic energy (Invincible #59).

Energy Absoption-PowerPlex-Invincible #59

The Ben 10 universe has two characters that can absorb just about anything including energy and they are Aggregor and Kevin Levin.

Energy Absorption-Ben 10-Aggregor Energy Absorption-Ben 10-Kevin Levin

The Arcane Devourer can absorb magic (Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie).

Energy Absorption-D&D-Arcane Devourer-Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie

The Phase Mass can absorb life force (Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary).

Energy Absorption-D&D-Phase Mass-Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary

Doctor Strange faces a construct that absorbs magic (Strange Tales V1 #126).

Energy Absorption-Doctor Strange-Strange Tales #126

Klaatu (Marvel) is a Moby Dick type creature that can absorb energy (All-New OHOTMU A to Z #6). The Soul Eater can absorb the energy of souls (Quasar #36).

Energy Absorption-Klaatu-All-New OHOTMU A to Z #6

The Soul Eater (Marvel) can absorb the energy of souls (Quasar #36).

Energy Absorption-Soul Eater-Quasar #36

The Growing Man (Marvel) absorbs energy and uses that energy to become bigger and bigger (Thor V1 #140).

The Absorbing Man (Marvel) overloads and explodes in Quasar V1 #5.

Superman’s Pet absorbs the deadly radiation of a green kryptonite boulder thus saving Superman in World’s Finest Comics V1 #112.



Brain Mole – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual


Hakeasher – TSR 2158 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 2


Redcap – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III


Visilight – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III


Dapple absorbs various imaginary friends to become more powerful in Imagine Agents #3 (Boom Studios).



Robbie Reyes (Marvel) absorbs sins in Edge of Venomverse #3.

Absorption Harness – Edison Rex #2 (Monkeybrain)

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