198) Ghost Manipulation

Ghost Manipulation – The ability to control ghosts.  The ability to exorcise ghosts.  Ghost Manipulation is also known as  Phantasm Manipulation, Phantom Manipulation, Shade Manipulation, Specter Manipulation, Spirit Manipulation and Wraith Manipulation.

Literary Critique of Ghost Manipulation

In House of Mystery V1 #35, there is a man who clearly controls ghosts but is not a ghost.

Ghost Manipulation-House of Mystery V1 #35

Ghost Girl can unleash a 1,000 screaming oni which appear to be ghosts i.e. Yōkai in Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #6 (Image).

Ghost Manipulation-Ghost Girl-Gladstone's School For World Conquerors #6 (Image)

The Black Panther (Marvel) calls on the ghosts of his ancestors to aid him in Black Panther V6 #11.

Shadowman (Valiant) raises an army of ghosts in Divinity III: Shadowman & the Battle for New Stalingrad #1.

Tom Strong (America’s Best Comics) creates a vehicle that enables him to visit the realms of ghosts and finds that he is not welcome in Tom Strong #10.

Almaranda Sternfeldt can use ghosts as a weapon in 2000 AD #721.

Ellie (DC) is the leader of ghosts in iZombie #5.

Graves the Ghost Hunter can exorcise ghosts with a ray not a Bible in Crown Comics #1 (McCombs).

Rasputin #7 (Image)

Tesro Karnik exorcises ghosts in Tales of Telguuth: A Tribute to Steve Moore.

Great Squirrel MigrationThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #28

Rasputin – The Voice of the Dragon #5 (Dark Horse)

Raven (DC) – Young Monsters in Love #1

Kimberly VescoSpellbinders #2 (Marvel)

Kaidan in Irredeemable V1 #2009 (Boom)

198) Ghost Manipulation-Kaidan-Irredeemable V1 #2009 (2011)

Caspar Spettero makes the Ghost Gang younger in Adventureman #9 (Image)

198) Ghost Manipulation-Caspar Spettero& Ghost Gang-Adventureman #9 (Image)

Demonika consumes a ghost in Rogue Sun #4 (Image)

198) Ghost Manipulation-Demonika-Rogue Sun #4 (Image)

Ghost Speaker in Magic #15 (Boom).

198) Ghost Manipulation-Ghost Speaker in Magic #15 (Boom) - Page 11

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