063) Bear Anatomy


Bear Mimicry – The character has the form and/or characteristics of a bear.   Bear Anatomy also known Bear Body, Bear Form, Bear Mimicry, Bear Physiology, Ursid Body, Ursid Form, Ursid Mimicry, Ursid Physiology, Ursine Body, Ursine Form, Ursine Mimicry, and Ursine Physiology.  Subcategory of (268) Mammalian Anatomy.

Literary Critique of Bear Mimicry 

The Grizzly (Marvel) may look like a bear but his powers are actually based on an exoskeleton, (048) Armor (matter), than bear DNA as shown in Amazing Spider-Man V1 #140.

D&D has the ferocious Cave Bear and Dire Bear (D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 1).

Bear Mimicry-Cave Bear-D&D 4th Edition - Monster Manual 1 Bear Mimicry-Dire Bear-D&D 4th Edition - Monster Manual 1

The WOW Dire Bear is much more dangerous looking than the D&D one (World of Warcraft Monster Guide).

Bear Mimicry-Dire Bear-World of Warcraft Monster Guide

Hurors are massive ice bears in the D&D universe (Creature Collection I).

Bear Mimicry-Huror (Ice Bear)-Creature Collection I

Mr. Freeze has a very cute Ice Bear as an assistant (Capstone’s DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia).

Bear Mimicry-Ice Bear-Mr. Freeze-Capstone’s DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia

Bane’s Osito is even cuter than the Ice Bear (Capstone’s DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia).

Bear Mimicry-Osito-Bane-Capstone’s DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia

Wreckless is a cyborg bear that appears in Deadpool Bi-Annual V1 #1.

Bear Mimicry-Wreckless-Deadpool Bi-Annual V1 #1


Dire Bear – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual I


Ironclad Mauler – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III


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