110) Cross Dimensional Awareness

Cross Dimensional Awareness – The ability to detect actions and events in other dimensions in the Multiverse (DC, Marvel).  Cross Dimensional Awareness is also known as Dimensional Awareness.

Literary Critique of Cross Dimensional Awareness 

Examples of characters with this power include the Watcher (Marvel).  The Watcher uses this power as a plot device to create the entire What If (Marvel) series.  I disagree with Wikipedia and am not going to include Deadpool (Marvel) and Ambush Bug (DC) as examples of characters with cross dimensional awareness.  I would instead argue that Deadpool and Ambush Bug have (284) Metafictional Awareness. Knowing that you are a fictional character is very different than being able to peer into alternate dimensions. The fourth wall is beyond the Multiverse unless you happen to be psychotic (or perhaps a genius) and think our reality is part of a comic book reality!

Perhaps comic book creators do not imagine their creative products but actually have Cross Dimensional Awareness!  DC first put forth this idea in The Flash #179 (May, 1968) and our reality is Earth Prime.

In Untold Tales of the New Universe – Star Brand #1 (Marvel) the theory is put forth that a comic book in one dimension is a reality somewhere is yet again explored!

Cross Dimensional Awareness-Untold Tales of the New Universe-Star Brand #1 16 Cross Dimensional Awareness-Untold Tales of the New Universe-Star Brand #1 18 Cross Dimensional Awareness-Untold Tales of the New Universe-Star Brand #1-17 Cross Dimensional Awareness-Untold Tales of the New Universe-Star Brand #1-19

Tom Strong, in Tom Strong the Planet of Peril, uses the plot device quantum telepathy but it’s more or less the same thing as Cross Dimensional Awareness.

Cross Dimensional Awareness-Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #1 (2013)

In Tom Strong #3 (ABC), Mocutezoma finds out the cross dimensional awareness can be fatal!

Cross Dimensional Awareness-Montezuma-Tom Strong #3 (ABC)

In X-Men – Worst X-Man Ever #5 a super powered mutant is the explanation of continuity gaps in Marvel comic books.

Cross Dimensional Awareness–X-Men-Worst X-Man Ever #5

In Supreme V2, #41, Alan Moore uses The Supreme-of-the-Future to use some pseudo-science to explain continuity gaps in comic books.

Cross Dimensional Awareness–Supreme-V2 #41 4 Cross Dimensional Awareness–Supreme-V2 #41 5 Cross Dimensional Awareness–Supreme-V2 #41 22

Maybe the line between fiction and fact is not so fixed!  Am I in the equivalent of a comic book?  I do think the idea we are in a virtual reality is not so far fetched and explore this in Numerology and Virtual Reality.

The Master Weaver (Marvel) can perceive the Spider-Verse which is that part of the Marvel cross dimensional universe that is inhabited by Spider totems.


The son of Superman and Lois perceives the Pre 52 and the New 52 versions of the DC multiverse merging causing a DC Rebirth. Are you confused? Do you care? I am confused and do not care. This constant restructuring of the DC universe continuity is one of the many reasons I read about ten times more Marvel titles than DC titles.

Kitty Pryde (Marvel) knows what all her cross dimensional selves know in The Black Vortex Omega #1.

Captain Marvel can see across dimensions thanks to the Reality Stone, one of the Infinity Gems, in Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1 (2018).

Alan Moore’s 1963: The Tomorrow Syndicate (Image)

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