331) Photographic Reflexes

Photographic Reflexes – The ability to imitate any complex movement after watching that movement only once.  Photographic Reflexes are also known as Adoptive Muscle Memory, Adaptive Muscle Memory, Adomopathy, Body Movement Copying, Combat Chameleon, Eidetic Kinesthesia, Mimetic Muscle Memory, Photographic Muscle Memory, Psychometric Reflexes and Reproductive Muscle Memory.

Literary Critique of Photographic Reflexes 

Cassandra Cain (DC) uses a part of her brain that is generally used for language for spatial reasoning instead and thus her language skills suffered early in her career (Batgirl V1 #6).

Photographic Reflexes–Cassandra Cain (DC)-Batgirl V1 #6 (2000)

The neurological explanation of Cassandra Cain’s power provided by DC is vague.  I would suggest since she is mute the Brocas area of her brain used for spoken language has been replaced by mirror neurons that heightens her ability to learn motor functions observationally at the expense of her speech abilities.

At one point, Taskmaster (Marvel) decided to use this superpower to help him teach henchmen (Avengers V1 #96).

Photographic reflexes-Taskmaster-Avengers V1 #96

In the reboot of Taskmaster, the reader finds out the Taskmaster injected himself with a corrupted version of the super soldier serum.  The good news is he gains photographic reflexes but his brain uses parts that stored personal memories for that ability and suffers from amnesia (Taskmaster #2).

So, both Cassandra Caine and the Taskmaster pay a neurological price for their super power!  Coincidence or imitation?

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