395) Size Reduction (object)

Size Reduction (object) – The ability to make an object and/or person smaller.  Similar to (152) Dwarf Anatomy and (396) Size Reduction (self).

Literary Critique of Size Reduction (object) 

Brainiac (DC) shrinks the super family in Action Comics V1 #280.

Size Reduction (object)-Brainiac shrinks Super Family-Action Comics V1 #280

Brainiac is famous for shrinking Kandor (Who’s Who #12).

Size Reduction (object)-Brainiac-Kandor-Who's Who #12 (1986)

Supergirl (DC) shrinks Superman in Superman V1 #365.

A Kandor based story over at Thrillbent:


A Kandor reference in Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors V2 #2 (Image).

Size Reduction (object)-Faux Kandor-Gladstone's School for World Conquerors V2 #2 (Image)

Henry Pym (DC) shrinks War Machine (DC).

Size Reduction (object)-Henry Pym vs War Machine (DC)

Henry Pym created a prison that housed shrunken supervillains in She-Hulk V1 #12.

Size Reduction (object)-Henry Pym-Lang Memorial Penitentiary-She-Hulk V1 #12

Doctor Doom (Marvel) seemingly shrinks the Red Skull (Marvel) in Astonishing Tales V1 #5.

Size Reduction (object)-Doctor Doom shrinks Red Skull-Astonishing Tales V1 #5

Cable (Marvel) shrinks Galactus (Marvel) in Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 (2018).

Lex Luthor (DC) steals a trick from Brainiac and shrinks Superman in Annual DC Comics Presents-Superman Golden Age Superman #1.

size-reduction-object-annual-dc-comics-presents-superman-golden-age-superman-1-1 size-reduction-object-annual-dc-comics-presents-superman-golden-age-superman-1-2

The Fantastic Voyage TV Show included the C.M.D.F. (Combined Miniature Defense Force) in a Gold Key comic book.


The Fantastic Voyage Movie in a Gold Key comic book.


In Little Archie #34, Archie is shrunken by some aliens.

A scientist inadvertently shrinks a bully in Strange Tales of the Unusual #10.

Aron Aut (DC) – Justice League of America #17

Dr. Mortal – Weird Comics #5 (Fox)

Action Comics V1 #245

Action Comics V1 #283

Adventure Comics V1 #308

Adventure Comics V1 #330

Adventures into the Unknown #63

Adventures into the Unknown #76

Daredevil V1 #8

Detective Comics V1 #148

Flash V1 #109

Forbidden Worlds #58

Forbidden Worlds #75

Forbidden Worlds #97

House of Mystery #68

Justice League V1 #10

Justice League of America V1 #18

Justice League of America V1 #60

Wonder Woman V1 #31

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