401) Soul Manipulation

Soul Manipulation – The ability to manipulate the soul of another person. Soul Manipulation is also known as Soul Control, Spirit Control and Spirit Manipulation.

Literary Critique of Soul Manipulation 

Adam Warlock with the Soul Gem has this power and uses the power on Autolycus (Marvel)in Strange Tales V1 #179.

Soul Manipulation–Adam Warlock-Soul Germ-Strange Tales V1 #179

Galactus (Marvel) has this power and used the power so the Silver Surfer (Marvel) would not drown in guilt over his role in the destruction of planets (Silver Surfer V3 #48).

Soul Manipulation–Silver Surfer V3 #48-11 Soul Manipulation–Silver Surfer V3 #48-13 Soul Manipulation–Silver Surfer V3 #48-15 Soul Manipulation–Silver Surfer V3 #48-17 Soul Manipulation–Silver Surfer V3 #48-18

Death Titans eat souls (D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 1)!


The Dweller at the Crossroads reaps souls for wishes (Creature Collection I).


Shang Tsung consumes the souls of his victim in Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) Prima Guide.


Trading Card Games have a surprising number of cards that deal with soul manipulation.

A Possessed Soul

Crush Soul

Feast of Souls Standard

Jar Soul


Shred Soul

Shroud of Lost Souls

Soul Absorbing Bone Tower

Soul Absorption

Soul Binding

Soul Blast Cannon

Soul Blast

Soul Bleed

Soul Burn

Soul Chain

Soul Chamber

Soul Charge

Soul Decoration

Soul Demolition

Soul Diver

Soul Doctor

Soul Drain

Soul Eater

Soul Eaters Handwraps

Soul Eaters Mandrakes

Soul Exchange

Soul Feasting

Soul Gem Kashira

Soul Gem Medera

Soul Gem of Etrius

Soul Gem Tenira

Soul Gem Yelera

Soul Gulp

Soul Hunter

Soul in a Bottle

Soul Inversion

Soul Link

Soul Master Zuurl

Soul Painting

Soul Pod Plant

Soul Release

Soul Rend

Soul Resurrection

Soul Reversal

Soul Scan

Soul Shatter

Soul Shield

Soul Singing

Soul Siphon

Soul Stealer

Soul Stealing

Soul Swap

Soul Teddy

Soul Theft

Soul Tiger

Soul Transfer

Soul Well

Soul Wing

Soul Wither


Souls of the Dead

Souls Sacrifice

Swallow Soul

The Library of Souls

Well of Souls

Armanites devour the blood and souls of their victims in TSR 2166 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 3.

Belasco (Marvel) corrupts the soul of Illyana Rasputinin in Magik V1 #1.

Malice (Eclipse) can manipulate the dark energies of the soul in Champions #4.

The Grudge – “Father” – 2000 AD #881

Rasputin #9  (Image)

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