068) Biological Manipulation (weight)

Biological Manipulation (weight) – The ability to cause another to become fat and/or the character is an abnormal weight.  Biological Manipulation (weight) is also known as Adipose Tissue Manipulation, Fat Manipulation and Steatokinesis.

Literary Critique of

The Doctor (Wildstorm) punished his wife by making her hips heavier (The Authority V2 #9)!

Biological Manipulation (weight)-The Doctor-The Authority V2 #9 (Wildstorm)

Action Comics #283

Adventure Comics V1 #345

Adventure Comics V1 #298

Adventure Comics V1 #330

Flash V1 #115

Jimmy Olsen V1 #49

Lois Lane V1 #5

Superman V1 #221

Superman was turned into a fatty one last time in the Bronze Age in 1977 in Action Comics V1 #477 (DC).

Biological Manipulation (weight)–Superman-Action Comics V1 #477 (DC)

Some superheroes are naturally overweight.

Big Bertha (Marvel) is a superheroine (OHOTMU Master Edition #3).

Biological Manipulation (weight)–nat-Big Bertha-OHOTMU Master Edition #3

Bouncing Boy (DC) is a superhero (DC Who’s Who V1 #3).

Biological Manipulation (weight)–nat-Bouncing Boy-DC Who's Who V1 #3

Faith (Valiant) is a superheroine (Faith #1).

Biological Manipulation (weight)–nat-Faith #1 (of 4) (2016)

Fat Fury (ACG) is a parody of a superhero (DC Who’s Who V1 #3).

Biological Manipulation (weight)–nat-Fat Fury-(DC Who's Who V1 #3)(ACG)


The Blimp (DC) is a parody of a superhero.

Biological Manipulation (weight)–nat-The Blimp (DC)


Fatling – Creature Collection I



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