169) Energy Blasts

Energy Blasts – The ability to expel various forms of energy from the body.

Literary Critique of Energy Absorption 

Havok (Marvel) uses this power to destroy a Sentinel.

Energy Blasts-Havok Uncanny X Men-58 (Marvel)

Starfire (DC) calls her energy blasts “star bolts” (DC Who’s Who V1 #22).

 Energy Blasts–Starfire-DC Who's Who V1 #22

Lightning Bug can fire energy blasts in the Savage Dragon Universe.

Energy Blasts-Lightning Bug-Savage Dragon

Joshua Clay (DC) shoots energy blasts from his hands in Who’s Who in the DC Universe #11.

Konstantin Romanov fires energy blasts in Nikolai Dante – “Tour of Duty” – 2000 AD #1133.

Nimons emit energy blasts from their horns in Fourth Doctor Sourcebook.

Spectrum – Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #3 (IDW)

Celeste Noble (Image) – Noble Causes #9

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