102) Cloak Manipulation

Cloak Manipulation – The ability to manipulate a cloak to achieve superhuman effects due to skill and/or properties of the cape. Cloak Manipulation is also known as Animated Cape, Cape Manipulation, and Prehensile Cape.  A subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Cloak Manipulation 

Batman (DC) has a lot of fun with his razor sharp cloak in The Dark Knight Strikes Again.


Cloak (Marvel) has a portal to the darkforce dimension inside his cloak in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #2.


Devil-Slayer (Marvel) has a cloak that can elongate and act like a whip and the inside of the cloak acts as portal to other dimensions in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #3.


The Fadeaway Man (DC) has the cloak of Cagliostro that allows for teleportation in DC Who’s Who V1 #7.


Doctor Strange (Marvel) has a Cloak of Levitation. The cloak allows the wearer to fly.  Doctor Strange receives his current Cloak of Levitation in Strange Tales V1 #127.

The Cloak of Levitation can be damaged and is repaired in Doctor Strange V1 #78.

Alternately you can have the Living Tribunal (Marvel) restore the cloak with a wave of his hand in Strange Tales V1 #158.

A magical cloak makes its appearance in Cloaks #1 (Boom).

Noman has an invisibility cloak as seen in T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #3 (Tower).

17 Magic Cloaks has been published by Le Games.

A 30D table by New Big Dragon.

You could have bought a replica of Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak from Museum Replicas Limited but the item appears to be discontinued.

Cloaks both magical and mundane are a popular item in Trading Card Games.

Ablung’s Prism Cloak

Altus’ Cloak

Armadillo Cloak

Chromatic Cloak

Cloak Master Gaed Companion

Cloak of Blood

Cloak of Brilliance

Cloak of Confusion

Cloak of Deception

Cloak of Faces

Cloak of Fear

Cloak of Feathers

Cloak of Flames

Cloak of Invisibility

Cloak of Many Things

Cloak of Mists

Cloak of Night

Cloak of Protection

Cloak of Shadows

Cloak of Skin

Cloak of Subjugated Power

Cloak of the Abalone

Cloak of the Pit Stalker

Cloak of the Shrouded Mists

Elven Cloak

Holy Cloak

Leather Cloak

Shadow Cloak

Signon’s Cloak

Sorscha’s Cloak

Traveler’s Cloak

Whispersilk Cloak

Flying Fox – Who’s Who Update ’87 #2

Jimmy Olsen – Superman’s Pal #117

Judge Dredd – “Judgement Day” – 2000 AD #788


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