022) Animal Powers

Animal Powers – The ability to gain the powers of an animal but not have to take on the anatomy of the animal.   Animal Powers is also known as Animal Imitation, Animal Mimicry, Animal Power Mimicry, Animal Power Replication, Faunal Imitation, Faunal Mimicry and Zoanthrophy.  Similar to (017) Animal Anatomy (multi).

Literary Critique of Animal Powers 

An extremely counterintuitive superpower!  Animal powers are clearly derived from their anatomy.  Animal Man (DC) can spring like a tiger, swim like a sea lion and is strong as a gorilla but retains his human form in his first appearance in Strange Adventures V1 #180.

Animal Powers–Animal Man-Strange Adventures V1 #180

Animal Man only mimic animal powers of animals near by but there are more animals around with useful powers even in the city than one would think (Animal Man V1 #3).

Vixen (DC) can run as fast as a gazelle in human form (Vixen-Return of the Lion #3).

Animal Powers–Vixen-Return of the Lion #3

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