453) Toy Manipulation

Toy Manipulation – The ability to manipulate toys as weapons and/or for other superhuman effects.

Bullseye (Marvel) uses a yoyo as a weapon at a young age as shown in Bullseye: Greatest Hits.

The Jester (Marvel) uses a yoyo as weapon as well as other toys as weapons as shown in Daredevil V1 #42.

A practical joke device that is not a prop is generally considered a type of toy. The Joker (DC) has weaponized practical joke devices and at one point even had a Joker’s Utility Belt as shown in Batman V1 #73.


The Top (DC) uses tops as weapons in DC Who’s Who V1 #24.


The Toyman (DC) uses a wide variety of robots that resemble toys to fight Superman in DC Who’s Who V1 #24.


The Trickster (DC) has used potato head bombs, exploding rubber chickens and yo-yos in DC Who’s Who V1 #24.


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