455) Transmutation (elemental)

Transmutation (elemental) – The ability to turn an object from one element into another element.  Transmutation (elemental) is also known as Elemental Transmutation.  Similar to 454) Transmutation (animal), 456) Transmutation (gold), 457) Transmutation (insect), 458) Transmutation (limited), 459) Transmutation (object), 460) Transmutation (organic) and 461) Transmutation (petrification).

Literary Critique of Transmutation (elemental)

Cosmic King (DC) is a supervillain from the 30th century that has this power and is more or less the evil counterpart of Element Lad (DC) in DC Who’s Who V1 #5.

Transmutation (elemental)-Cosmic King-DC Who's Who V1 #5

Doctor Alchemy (DC) is a supervillain and was originally Mister Element (DC Who’s Who V1 #6).

Transmutation (elemental)-Doctor Alchemy-DC Who's Who V1 #6

Mister Element (DC) becomes Doctor Alchemy (DC Who’s Who V1 #15).

Doctor Alchemy uses a Philosopher Stone in DC Heroes-DC Technical Manual.

Element Lad (DC) is a superhero with this power in the 30th century and a member of the Legion of Super Heroes (DC).

Transmutation (elemental)-Element Lad (DC)

Detective Comics #294

Detective Comics V1 #302

Shimmer (DC) is a super villain with this power in DC Who’s Who V1 #20.


Diablo (Marvel) does transmutation the old-fashioned way, through potions in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

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