144) Duplication (cloning)

Duplication (cloning) – The creation of a duplicate using cloning.   Duplication (cloning) is also known as Clone Physiology, Doppelgänger Physiology, Doppelgänger Mimicry, Replica Physiology, Replica Mimicry, Replicant Physiology and Replicant Mimicry.

Literary Critique of Duplication (cloning)

In the Silver Age duplicates were almost always the product of radiation. For example, Red Kryptonite was used to make duplicates of Superman again and again in the Silver Age. In the Modern Age of comic books cloning has replaced radiation as the fictional device to create duplicates. There clones discussed below have been important ongoing characters rather than one-shot plot devices.

Bentley-23 (Marvel) is the Wizard’s clone. 23 is a number that often has numerological significance in fiction. In Fantastic Four V1 #570, the reader discovers that the Wizard is not a very good father to his clone!

Duplication (cloning)-Bentley-23-Fantastic Four V1 #570-11 Duplication (cloning)-Bentley-23-Fantastic Four V1 #570-12

Doomsboy (DC) is a clone of Doomsday and made his first major appearance in Superboy V4 #99.

Duplication (cloning)-Doomsboy-Superboy V4 #99

The Guardian (DC) reacts badly when he finds he has been cloned in Superman: New Krypton TPB V1.

Duplication (cloning)-Guardian-New Krypton TPB V1-71 Duplication (cloning)-Guardian-New Krypton TPB V1-72 Duplication (cloning)-Guardian-New Krypton TPB V1-73

Inertia (DC) is a clone of Bart Allen’s and made his first major appearance in Impulse #51.

Duplication (cloning)-Inertia-Impulse #51

Joseph Gardner (DC) is Guy Gardner’s clone and makes his first major appearance in Guy Gardner #13.

Duplication (cloning)-Joseph Gardner-Guy Gardner #13

The Stepford Cuckoos (DC) are clones of Emma Frost and learned their origins in X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #3.

Duplication (cloning)-Stepford Cuckoos-X-Men - Phoenix Warsong #3

Xraven (Marvel) is a clone of Kraven the Hunter and first appears in X-Men Spider-Man #4.

Duplication (cloning)-Xraven-X-Men Spider-Man #4


The Clone Saga (Marvel) includes a confusing variety of Spider-Man clones and even had a clone of Gwen Stacy running around and destroying the dramatic impact of one of the most important comic book deaths.

Divine (DC) is the one with black hair in Power Girl V2 #18.

Even a clone of Krypto (DC) loves a relative of Superman in Power Girl V2 #20.

Defiant (Monkeybrain Comics) is a parody of Bizarro (DC) in Edison Rex #4.

Pulp Sci-Fi – “The Big Hit” – 2000 AD #1130

Clone #2  (Image)

Sontarans are a race of clones in Eleventh Doctor-Gamemaster’s Guide.

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