025) Ant Anatomy

Ant Anatomy – The character has the form and/or characteristics of an ant.  Ant Anatomy is also known as Ant Body, Ant Form, Ant Mimicry, and Ant Physiology.  A subcategory of (232) Insect Anatomy.

Literary Critique of Ant Anatomy 

Ants are symbols of industriousness.  The fact that ants are social insects means that ants can interact with humans as an organization and often are invading army.

Ant-Man (Marvel) is not an ant or even ant like.  Ant-Man can shrink and communicate with ants rather than having the powers of an ant.


DC comics had their own Ant Man that appeared only once in Batman V1 #156.

The Savage Dragon (Image) universe has Ant People that invade human territory.


Adventurers have to face giant ants in the D&D universe (D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 2).


In the Marvel universe, Grottu (Marvel) was a giant ant that tried to take over Earth (Marvel Monsters-From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone).


Atom Ant was a Superman type superhero in the Hannah Barbera universe.


Some one-shot ant action in the Silver Age.

Strange Adventures V1 #7

Strange Adventures V1 #30

Superman V1 #110

Tales to Astonish v1 #14

Superman becomes ant like in Action Comics V1 #296 in order to communicate with ants.


Abyss Ants – TSR 2145 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 1


Formian – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual I


Giant Ants – Space Family Robinson-Gold Key #33 (1969)


Saber King of the Jungle – Tiger #763 (1969)


Jimmy Olsen (DC) threatens Superman with a giant ant and some kryptonite in Jimmy Olsen #54.


You just never know when giant ants are going to show up, Beezer #1000 (DC Thompson)!

Doctor Strange (Marvel) – Strange Tales V1 #161

Armoured Gideon (IPC Media) deals with giant ants in The Collector – 2000 AD #896.

Jimmy Olsen (DC) talks with giant ant in Superman’s Pal #30.

Pasari Niml – TSR 2145 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 1

Umber Hulk – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual

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