015) Animal Anatomy (category)

Animal Anatomy (category) – The person can turn into any animal in a category of animals and gains the powers of that animal.

Aviax (DC) can turn into any type of winged animal.

Animal Mimicry (category)-Aviax-Wanderers #1

Insect Queen (DC) can take on any insect form including Kryptonian insects.

Animal Mimicry (category)-Insect Queen (DC)-Superman's Girl Friend #69

Reptil (Marvel) can turn into any type of dinosaur (Avengers Academy #1).

Animal Mimicry (category)-Reptil-Avengers Academy #1

Snowbird (Marvel) can turn into any creature of the Canadian Artic.

Animal Mimicry (category)-Snowbird(Marvel)

Cat Lord – TSR 2016 Monster Manual II

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