015) Animal Anatomy (category)

Animal Anatomy (category) – The person can turn into any animal in a category of animals and gains the powers of that animal.  Animal Anatomy in general is also known as Animal Form, Animal Mimicry, Animal Morphing, Animal Physiology, Animal Shapeshifting, Animality (Mortal Kombat), Animorphing, Beast Within (Bayonetta), Faunal Form, Fauna Morphing, Skinwalker Effect and Therianthropy.

Literary Critique of Animal Anatomy (category)

The ability to only turn into one category of animal is a plot device to make the character less powerful and more interesting.

Aviax (DC) can turn into any type of winged animal.

Animal Mimicry (category)-Aviax-Wanderers #1

Insect Queen (DC) can take on any insect form including Kryptonian insects.

Animal Mimicry (category)-Insect Queen (DC)-Superman's Girl Friend #69


Reptil (Marvel) can turn into any type of dinosaur (Avengers Academy #1).

Animal Mimicry (category)-Reptil-Avengers Academy #1

Snowbird (Marvel) can turn into any creature of the Canadian Artic.

Animal Mimicry (category)-Snowbird(Marvel)

Cat Lord can turn into any type of feline in  TSR 2016 Monster Manual II.


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