317) Nanite Manipulation

Nanite Manipulation – The ability to manipulate nanites.  Nanite Manipulation is also known as Microbot Control, Microbot Manipulation, Nanobot Control, Nanobot Manipulation, Nanokinesis, Nanomachine Control, Nanomachine Manipulation, Nanotech Control, Nanotech Manipulation and Nanotechnosis.

Literary Critique of Nanite Manipulation 

Bloodshot (Valiant) is half Punisher and half Borg (Valiant Universe Handbook FCBD, 2014). Bloodshot has nanites in his blood that enhance his strength, healing and give him cyperpathy.

Nanite Manipulation-Bloodshot-Valiant Universe Handbook FCBD (2014)

The Borg (Star Trek) insert nanoprobes to assimilate other species.  In Star Trek Operation: Assimilation (Marvel) the story of a particular Romulan that is assimilated is told very poignantly.

Nanite Manipulation–Borg-Star Trek Operation Assimilation-16 Nanite Manipulation–Borg-Star Trek Operation Assimilation-17 Nanite Manipulation–Borg-Star Trek Operation Assimilation-18 Nanite Manipulation–Borg-Star Trek Operation Assimilation-19 Nanite Manipulation–Borg-Star Trek Operation Assimilation-20 Nanite Manipulation–Borg-Star Trek Operation Assimilation-21 Nanite Manipulation–Borg-Star Trek Operation Assimilation-22

Grey goo (also spelled gray goo) is a hypothetical scenario involving in which out-of-control self-replicating nanobots consume all matter on Earth while building more of themselves.

Nanite Manipulation–Gray Goo

Purple Goo is a self-replicating hallucinogen used for military purposes in Half-Square.

Nanite Manipulation–Purple Goo-Half Square

Bloodsquirt (Valiant) has nanites in his blood that give him superpowers (Valiant Universe Handbook 2016 Edition #1).


Nanochips – Ben 10


The Vision (Marvel) has a body composed of nanites after transformation due to his evolve protocols (Avengers A.I #1).


Nekros (Chapterhouse) plans to kill the inhabitants of the slums of Rio in Freelance #1.

Jonni FutureTom Strong’s Terrific Tales #6

Nanobot Blanket – Secret Avengers V3 #1

Nikolai Dante2000 AD #1039

PARAsites – The Future King – 2000 AD #970

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