479) Vision (technology)

Vision (technology) – The character uses technology to augment their vision.  The user has a bionic eye(s).  In the case of bionic eyes then this power is related to (118) Cyborgization.

Booster Gold (DC) – Googles – DC Heroes-DC Technical Manual

Doctor Mid-Nite (DC) – Googles – DC Heroes-DC Technical Manual

Morna Vine (DC) – Super Spectacles – Superman V1 #181

Reed Richards (DC) – Subspace Viewer – Fantastic Four V1 #56 (1966)

Number #13 (Dark Horse)

“Truth Binoculars” – Tales of the Unexpected #87

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #1 (DC)

Bionic Eye Six Million Dollar Man

Argus II Retinal Implant


Geordi La Forge (Star Trek) – Visor

Geordi La Forge (Star Trek) – Ocular Implants

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