287) Metal Manipulation

Metal Manipulation – The ability to manipulate metal.  Metal Manipulation is also known as Ferrokinesis, Ferrous Control, Ferrous Manipulation, Metal Bending, Metal Control, Metallic Control, Metallic Manipulation, Metal Element Control and Metallokinesis.

Literary Critique of Metal Manipulation 

Metal Master (Marvel) possesses this power (The Incredible Hulk V1 #6).

Metal Manipulation–Metal Master-The Incredible Hulk V1 #6

Iron Butterfly (DC) is able to move and shape metal and metallic objects (Milestone Media Universe Card Set).

Metal Manipulation-Iron Butterfly-Milestone Media Universe Card Set

Rust Monster – D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 2


Erato, Tythonian AmbassadorFourth Doctor Sourcebook

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