115) Cyber Manipulation

Cyber Manipulation – The ability to manipulate computer generated environments.  Cyber Manipulation is also known as Cyberpotence and Cyberspace Omnipotence.  Similar to (469) Virtual Warping.

Literary Critique of Cyber Manipulation 

The difference is one of degree a person with Cyber Manipulation can control aspects of the computer environment.  A virtual warper can control the computer environment more or less absolutely.  Neo in the Matrix has this power.

Cyber Manipulation–Neo the Matrix

The Grandmaster (Marvel) battles Thanos (Marvel) in a computer generated environment in Thanos Quest #2.

cyber-manipulation-grandmaster-thanos-quest-2-29 cyber-manipulation-grandmaster-thanos-quest-2-30

Axcend #1  (Image)

Null (Image) – Halcyon #3


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