(000) Super Intelligence – Political

Geopolitical for now! Geo as in the Earth and political which means well political. The forces of order for now are China, Russia and most of Asia. The in between lands are Europe and Latin America. Turning the in between lands to order is a good geopolitical strategy. I think the USA is totally corrupt and taken over by lawyers for coin, hired guns, and law will not prevail. My liege may win reelection but if the FBI and CIA and all of Law and Order have to worry about the killing of family and friends how can they operate effectively. Trump will die in a cage or outside of a cage and this is written well I think I do not know. Logic has limits and do not possess a pipeline to God and if I did the rules of the game as I understand the game would not allow me to use such elevated means for even the noble end of fixing space ship Earth. My brain overheats and I must take a break. Oh Latin America wishes to join the side of order but not suicidal and the eagle is close and has mighty talons. Yes the DEA could be weaponized for the purposes of assassination or what humans now call American Imperialism. The overthrow of kings of this Earth is kind of a specialty of the US government these days! Oh, assassination is no longer a lawful tool? Tell that to the Iranians and they will laugh or spit who can say? No the fox for I do not know what I do not know!

Not a very good video but have no time to make YouTubes. Perhaps an beautiful woman or women can understand this Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein.

Signs of the End of the Word

“Societal Views” part is wrong of “End of Days” needs editing. The Buddhists are good not heathens. This is the 21st Century not the middle ages. We must learn from each other. Interfaith good, crusades bad! I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN AND LIKE THE BUDDHIST MONKS! The Buddhist monks are a little too detached from the current reality but a good lot all in all!

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