284) Metafictional Awareness

Metafictional Awareness – Metafictional awareness is the awareness of the character that he or she is fictional.

Deadpool (Marvel) is a supervillain that talks to us below.

Metafictional awareness–Deadpool (Marvel)

Animal Man (DC), and the She-Hulk (Marvel) also have this superpower.  Animal Man and the She-Hulk have a metafictional adventure at DC vs. Marvel: Fourth Wall Heroes.

Broken Man – Astro City #46 (Vertigo)

Judge Dredd – “It Still Pays to be Mental” – 2000 AD #657

Al Capp by Li’l Abner #1 (Toby)

Amazing Spider-Girl #0 is an example of both the Droste Effect and an homage of Amazing Fantasy V1 #15.

Kay Challis (DC) – JLA – Doom Patrol Special #1

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