284) Metafictional Awareness

Metafictional Awareness – Metafictional awareness is the awareness of the character that he or she is fictional.  All self referential art can be seen as being on the metafictional continuum and comic books examples are included in this article.  Metafictional Awareness is also known as 4th Wall Awareness.

Literary Critique of Metafictional Awareness 

Deadpool (Marvel) is a supervillain that talks to us as shown below.

Metafictional awareness–Deadpool (Marvel)

Animal Man (DC), and the She-Hulk (Marvel) also have this superpower.  Animal Man and the She-Hulk have a metafictional adventure at DC vs. Marvel: Fourth Wall Heroes.

Broken Man – Astro City #46 (Vertigo)

Judge Dredd – “It Still Pays to be Mental” – 2000 AD #657

Al Capp by Li’l Abner #1 (Toby)

Amazing Spider-Girl #0 is an example of both the Droste Effect and an homage of Amazing Fantasy V1 #15.

Kay Challis (DC) – JLA – Doom Patrol Special #1

The Fox in The Fox: Family Values #1 (Archie) can perceive and interact with the text of his comic book.

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