481) Vision (tetrachromatic)

Vision (tetrachromatic) – The character has superhuman color acuity.

Literary Critique of Vision (tetrachromatic)

Tetrachromacy is the condition of possessing four independent channels for conveying color information, or possessing four types of cone cells in the eye. Organisms with tetrachromacy are called tetrachromats. Humans are generally trichromats. Online tests of tetrachromacy cannot work because computer screens do not have the color range necessary for such a test. Mantis shrimp have 16 photoreceptors which leads to super color vision!

Vision (tetrachromatic)-Mantis shrimp photoreceptors

In some ways, color blindness is the opposite of  tetrachromacy.


Does Hawkeye (Marvel) have tetrachromatic vision as seems to be the case in The Accused #1.

Freak Show in the novel Half Square has this super power.

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