233) Intangibility (other)

Intangibility (other) – The ability to turn another into a phantom.  Intangibility (other) is also known as Intangibility Infusion and Phasing Infusion.

The Phantom Zone Projector would send a person into the Phantom Zone and there was no way to escape from this dimension. The Phantom Zone Projector first appeared in Adventure Comics V1 #283.

Intangibility (other)-Phantom Zone Projector-Adventure Comics V1 #283

Alan Moore figures out how to use the Phantom Zone Projector to destroy Mister Mxyzptlk in Action Comics V1 #583. Mister Mxyzptlk is a reality warper and one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe so destroying him is no easy task.

Intangibility (other)-Phantom Zone Projector-Mister Mxyzptlk-Action Comics V1 #583

The Phantom Zone became a very busy place over time in the Silver Age (DC Who’s Who V1 #18). Make sure to find out about the Phantom Zone cats!

Intangibility (other)-Phantom Zone-DC Who's Who V1 #18

The DC Silver Age had any number of Phantom Zone trapped based plot lines (Action Comics V1 #131, Adventure Comics V1 #283, Green Lantern V1 #20, Jimmy Olsen V1 #12, Lois Lane V1 #33, Strange Adventures V1 #48, Superboy V1 #162).

Intangibility (other)-OS-Green Lantern V1 #20 Intangibility (other)-OS-Jimmy Olsen V1 #12 Intangibility (other)-OS-Lois Lane V1 #33 Intangibility (other)-OS-Superboy V1 #162 Intangibility (other)-OS-Superboy-Adventure Comics V1 #283 Intangibility (other)-OS-Superman-Action Comics V1 #131

Alexander Luthor Jr. (DC) makes Ultraman (DC) intangible in Annual DC Comics Presents-Superman Golden Age Superman #1.

intangibility-other-alexander-luthor-annual-dc-comics-presents-superman-golden-age-superman-1-1982-1 intangibility-other-alexander-luthor-annual-dc-comics-presents-superman-golden-age-superman-1-1982-2

Kitty Pryde (Marvel) uses her powers on Nightcrawler in Magik V1 #2.

Viv (Marvel) is in a tube the High Evolutionary created to prevent beings with the power of intangibility escape in Avengers #673 (2018).

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