120) Danger Intuition

Danger Intuition – The ability to sense danger.  Danger Intuition is also known as Dairokkan (Japanese), Danger Detection, Danger Reacting, Danger Sense, Danger Sensing, Gut Feeling, Hazard Detection, Hazard Intuition, Hazard Reacting, Hazard Sense, Hazard Sensing, Hazard Instincts, Intent Detection, Intent Intuition, Intent Reacting, Intent Sense, Intent Sensing, Sixth Sense, Spider Sense (Marvel Comics), Spidey-Sense (Marvel Comics), Threat Detection, Threat Intuition, Threat Reacting, Threat Sense, Threat Sensing, Thundersense (The Thundermans), The Gitchy Feelin’ (Bone Comics), and The Willies.

Literary Critique of Danger Intuition

Spider-Man has spider-sense and can sense danger before the dangerous even happens. (Annual Amazing Spider-Man #1).

Danger Intuition-Spider-Man-Annual Amazing Spider-Man #1

Trax can sense danger in the Ultraverse (1993 SkyBox Ultraverse).

Danger Intuition-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-40Bk Trax Danger Intuition-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-40Fr Trax

The Jedi (Star Wars) can sense danger!

Maximus vs Spiderman – Inhumans – Once and Future Kings #4 (Marvel)


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