161) Electrical Transportation

Electrical Transportation – The character can travel through electrical conduits (such as power lines or telephone lines) and can enter through devices such as televisions, electrical poles or computers.  Electrical Transportation is also known as Electroportation and Lightning Teleportation.

Literary Critique of Electrical Transportation 

The Atom (DC) can travel telephone lines despite lacking electrical powers due to his small size.  The Atom rides on electrons.

Electrical transportation–Atom (DC)

Livewire (DC) can jump out of a computer screen unlike the Atom.

Electrical Transportation–Live Wire

Air Wave (DC) can ride on all sorts of TV and radio waves (DC Who’s Who #1).

Electrical Transportation-Air Wave-DC Who's Who #1

Jupiter’s Legacy V2 #1 (Image), Neutrino rides an electron literally.

Electrical Transportation-Jupiter's Legacy V2 #1 (Image)

Neutrino (Image) combines riding an electron with deception in Jupiter’s Legacy #5.

Nahrees (Marvel) – Young Inhumans (2008)


Video Man uses TV for transport and battles Captain Sprocket in Archie’s MadHouse #35 (1964).


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