434) Superhuman Will Power

Superhuman Will Power – The person has a degree of will power that is far beyond the norm.

In Batman Vol 1 #244, the Dark Knight stages a feat of superhuman will power bordering on resurrection. Ra’s al Ghul (DC) wonders if Batman is in fact a demon!

Superhuman Will Power–Batman #244 (1972)

Daredevil (Marvel) has been able to “defeat” the Hulk due to this his will power in Daredevil Vol 1 163.

Superhuman Will Power–Daredevil vs Hulk-Daredevil V1 #163 (1980)

Lex Luthor (DC) tries to steal Green Lantern’s will power in Joker #7.

Superhuman Will Power–Lex Luthor tries to steal will power-The Joker #7 (1976)

John Stewart’s (DC) will power exceeds the limit of his ring when he tried to recreate a solar system from scratch in Green Lantern V4 #26.

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