434) Superhuman Will Power

Superhuman Will Power – The person has a degree of will power that is far beyond the norm.  Superhuman Will Power also known as Determination, Enhanced Willpower, Indomitable Spirit, Indomitable Will, Iron Will, Sheer Will, Sheer Willpower, Strong Mind, Strong Will, Strong Willpower, Subjugation Defiance, Supernatural Will, Supernatural Willpower, Tenacity, Unbreakable Willpower, Unyielding Will and Unyielding Willpower.

Literary Critique of Superhuman Will Power 

In Batman Vol 1 #244, the Dark Knight stages a feat of superhuman will power bordering on resurrection. Ra’s al Ghul (DC) wonders if Batman is in fact a demon!

Superhuman Will Power–Batman #244 (1972)

Daredevil (Marvel) has been able to “defeat” the Hulk due to this his will power in Daredevil Vol 1 163.

Superhuman Will Power–Daredevil vs Hulk-Daredevil V1 #163 (1980)

Lex Luthor (DC) tries to steal Green Lantern’s will power in Joker #7.

Superhuman Will Power–Lex Luthor tries to steal will power-The Joker #7 (1976)

John Stewart’s (DC) will power exceeds the limit of his ring when he tried to recreate a solar system from scratch in Green Lantern V4 #26.

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