263) Magic Resistance

Magic Resistance – The ability to withstand magic attacks.

Thor (Marvel) has some magical resistance and therefore can go toe to toe with his brother Loki, a mighty sorcerer.  In Thor V1 #240, Thor can resist the Eye of Horus and absorb a magical bolt with his magic hammer, Mjolnir.

Magic Resistance-Thor resists Horus-Thor V1 #240

In contrast, Superman (DC) is as vulnerable to magic as any mortal.  Skeletor easily cuts Superman’s “indestructible” costume in DC Comics Presents #47.

Magic Resistance-Skeletor cuts Superman-DC Comics Presents #47

Talisman not only has magic resistance but the ability to absorb magic directed at her in an attack (Omega Flight #4)!

Magic Resistance-Talisman-Omega Flight #4

In Action Comics #873 (DC), which is part of the New Krypton story line, nine magic users take out ten thousand Kryptonians or more or less a thousand plus each. Kryptonians are sorely lacking in magic resistance!

Magic Resistance-Kryptonians-Action Comics #873 (2009)-6 Magic Resistance-Kryptonians-Action Comics #873 (2009)-7 Magic Resistance-Kryptonians-Action Comics #873 (2009)-8

Nyth – TSR 2158 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 2


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