263) Magic Resistance

Magic Resistance – The ability to withstand magic attacks.  Magic Resistance is also known as Magic Dilution and Spell Protection.

Literary Critique of Magic Resistance 

The ability of magic users to resist magic is all too common so this article will focus on interesting examples of magic resistance.  This article will also focus on some interesting examples of a lack of magical resistance.  Thor (Marvel) has some magical resistance despite not being a spell caster and therefore can go toe to toe with his brother Loki, a mighty sorcerer.  In Thor V1 #240, Thor can resist the Eye of Horus and absorb a magical bolt with his magic hammer, Mjolnir.

Magic Resistance-Thor resists Horus-Thor V1 #240

In contrast, Superman (DC) is as vulnerable to magic as any mortal.  Skeletor easily cuts Superman’s “indestructible” costume in DC Comics Presents #47.

Magic Resistance-Skeletor cuts Superman-DC Comics Presents #47

Talisman not only has magic resistance but the ability to absorb magic directed at her in an attack (Omega Flight #4)!

Magic Resistance-Talisman-Omega Flight #4

In Action Comics #873 (DC), which is part of the New Krypton story line, nine magic users take out ten thousand Kryptonians or more or less a thousand plus each. Kryptonians are sorely lacking in magic resistance!

Magic Resistance-Kryptonians-Action Comics #873 (2009)-6 Magic Resistance-Kryptonians-Action Comics #873 (2009)-7 Magic Resistance-Kryptonians-Action Comics #873 (2009)-8

Nyth – TSR 2158 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 2


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