234) Intangibility (self)

Intangibility (self) – The ability to turn into a phantom.

In Batman V1 #110, Batman escapes from a cell as a phantom.

Intangibility (self)-Batman V1 #110

Kitty Pryde (Marvel) uses quantum phasing to become intangible.

Intangibility (self)–Kitty Pryde (Marvel)

The Phantom Girl becomes a totally immaterial phantom to move through objects (DC Who’s Who V1 #18).

Intangibility (self)–Phantom Girl-DC Who's Who V1 #18

A prisoner becomes a phantom and escapes from jail in Strange Adventures V1 #48.

Intangibility (self)-Strange Adventures V1 #48

The Vision (Marvel) uses density control to pass through objects but does not become truly immaterial.

Intangibility (self)-Vision (Marvel)

Kage has created a martial art that uses her intangibility in George Perez’s Sirens #2 (Boom).

Intangibility (self)-Kage-George Perez's Sirens #2 (Boom)

Fade and Flux are two characters that can turn intangible in the Savage Dragon universe.

intangibility-self-fade-savage-dragon intangibility-self-flux-savage-dragon

The Space Ranger (DC) must face the Ghost Creatures of Phobos can turn intangible in Tales of the Unexpected V1 #55.


The Shi’ar Imperial Guard includes Astra (Marvel) in Mighty Thor #446 and Plutonia that can turn intangible.

intangibility-self-shiar-imperial-guard-astra-mightythor-446 intangibility-self-shiar-imperial-guard-plutonia-marvel

Soljer stabs Phantom Girl (DC) with a phantom bayonet in Superboy starring the Legion of Super-Heroes #2.

intangibility-self-soljer-superboy-starring-the-legion-of-super-heroes-210-7 intangibility-self-soljer-superboy-starring-the-legion-of-super-heroes-210-8 intangibility-self-soljer-superboy-starring-the-legion-of-super-heroes-210-9

The idea that phantom objects can interact with each other is repeated in The Spectre V1 #7.

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