285) Metafictional Manipulation

Metafictional Manipulation – The ability to manipulate the line between fiction and reality. This is presumably a power all creators of fiction have.  Stan Lee is the creator of many of the characters of the Marvel Universe.

Metafictional Manipulation–wizkids-stan-lee-heroclix

Sometimes characters go beyond having awareness of the fourth wall but break the fourth wall and try to manipulate events and/or objects beyond the fourth wall.

Deadpool (Marvel) gets some very powerful metafictional tools from Galactus in What If V9 #1.

Death Rattle V1 #1 (Kitchen Sink)


The Droste Effect – Is a cover within a cover. I consider a cover of with this effect to be inherently self-referential and therefore an example of metafictional manipulation for artists who would never consider a plot line that was self-referential. The Droste Effect is an example of cookie cutter metafictional manipulation. Since the cover occupies a central position in comic book fiction this effect can be very powerful.

Batman V1 #8

Jimmy Olsen – Superman’s Pal #110

MAD #101

My Little Margie #8 (Charlton)

Spoof V1 #1 (Marvel)

Walt Disney Comics #33

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