188) Fox Anatomy

Fox Anatomy – The character has the form and/or characteristics of a fox.   Fox Anatomy is also known as Fox Physiology.  Subcategory of (268) Mammalian Anatomy. Similar to (091) Canine Anatomy and (496) Wolf Anatomy.

Literary Critique of Fox Anatomy 

Kuma Lisa

Chuchu Pet Sitter (OO-Kun)

Kippa (Image) is an ongoing character in Monstress (Monstress #1).

Fox Wizard – Monstress #10 (Image)

Tanil’s Fox – Creature Collection I

Foxwoman – TSR 2016 Monster Manual II

The Journal of Luke Kirby – “The Price” – 2000 AD #972

Vixen (Marvel) – Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #1

Dastardly & Muttley #6

A fox named Chainsaw is introduced in Invincible #144.

Moonstruck #4

Reynard FossmanRivers of London – Cry Fox #1 (Titan)

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