362) Psychic Weapons

Psychic Weapons – The ability to create weapons out of psychic energy.  Psychic Weapons is also known as Mental Materialization, Psionic Materialization, Psionic Projection and Psychic Constructs.

Literary Critique of Psychic Weapons 

Psylocke (Marvel) can create a katana made up of psionic energy (X-Men Sword of the Braddocks #1).

Psychic Weapons-Psylocke-X-Men Sword of the Braddocks #1

Quentin Quire (Marvel) is supervillain that has this power and apparently likes shot guns!

Psychic weapons–Quentin Quire (Marvel)

Faora Hu-Ul (DC) creates psychic bolts in Action Comics V1 #472 (DC).

Psychic Weapons–Faora Hu-Ul-Action Comics V1 #473 (DC)

Vartox (DC) creates a psychic rope which he uses as a weapon in Action Comics #476 (DC).

Psychic Weapons–Vartox-Action Comics #476 (DC)

Deathtrap (Wildstorm) can create psychic weapons in Stormwatch Sourcebook.


Jimmy Olsen (DC) – Psycho Combat Helmet – Superman’s Pal #96

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