107) Concussion Beams

Concussion Beams – Ability to generate or transform various forms of energy into a “solid” or concussive beam of energy. Concussion Beams are also known as Concussion Blasts, Solid Beam, and Solid Energy Blasts.

Literary Critique of Concussion Beams 

Cyclops (Marvel) has extremely powerful concussion beams but can’t turn the superpower off.

Concussion Beams-Cyclops (Marvel)

Darkseid (DC) has beams that can bend and have other powers besides concussive force (Justice League-Darkseid #23.1).

Concussion Beams-Justice League-Darkseid #23.1 (2013)

Iron Man’s repulsor rays are not a superpower but based on technology.

Concussion Beams-Repulsor Rays-Iron Man the Ultimate Guide (2010)


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