279) Memory Manipulation

Memory Manipulation – The ability to erase or enhance the memories of another.  Memory Manipulation is also known as Memory Control and Mnemokinesis.

Literary Critique of Memory Manipulation 

Lady Memory (DC) can painfully unleash the powerful memories of a subject and Mon-El has a thousand years of painful memories to unleash in Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #318.

Memory Manipulation–Lady Memory-Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #318-23 Memory Manipulation–Lady Memory-Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #318-24

Zatanna (DC) causes Dr. Light to forget the secret identities of the Justice League in the Mindwipes Storyline.

Memory manipulation–Zatanna (DC)-Mindwipes Storyline

In the story arc Spider-Man: One More Day, Mephisto (Marvel) erases the world’s collective memory of Spider-Man’s secret identity, which had been exposed in Civil War #2 (Amazing Spider-Man #545).

Memory Manipulation-Mephisto-One More Day-Amazing Spider-Man #545

Hector Hammond (DC) – Batman-Superman-Siege V4 (2015)

memory-manipulation-hector-hammond-batman-superman-siege-v4-2015-1 memory-manipulation-hector-hammond-batman-superman-siege-v4-2015-2

Batman and Robin (DC) uses an Amnesia Machine on Superman to cause him to forget their secret identities in World’s Finest Comics V1 #149.

On the planet Zooria the memories of criminals are erased as shown in Superboy V1 #80.

The Bor gullet can erase memories as explained in Star Wars-Doctor Aphra #22 (2018)

Memory manipulation is common in Trading Card Games.

Government Mindwipe Serum

Memory Cache

Memory Charm

Memory Lane

Memory Reprocessing

Memory Ribbon

Memory Spirit

Memory’s Fading Glimpse

Memory’s Flame

Doctor ArcaneChampions #1 (Eclipse)

Maxwell Lord (DC) uses his psychic powers to erase the memory of his existence in Power Girl V2 #13.

Charles Benton (Marvel) – Old Man Logan #20

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