254) Light Mimicry

Light Mimicry – The being has a body composed of light.  Light Mimicry is also known as Light Body, Light Physiology, Photon Form, Photon Mimicry, Photon Physiology and Photonetic Physiology.

Literary Critique of

The Living Laser is a supervillain that has been transformed into photons and Iron Man reflects that his power has increased exponentially in The Invincible Iron Man V1 #260.

Light mimicry-Living Laser-The Invincible Iron Man V1 #260

Optilux is an enemy of Supreme that is composed of light and wants to turn everyone else into light as well.

Light Mimicry-Optilux-Supreme V2 #57 (Awesome)

Firestar – TSR 2173 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 4

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