104) Cold Manipulation

Cold Manipulation – The ability to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms and thus reduce temperature. Cold Manipulation is also known as Cold Control, Cryokinesis, Frigid Manipulation, and Frigiokinesis.  (220) Ice Manipulation also includes the ability to move ice around unlike cold manipulation.

Literary Critique of Cold Manipulation 

Captain Cold (DC) is a supervillain that uses a pistol to control the cold and is a member of the Flash Rogues Gallery (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #13).

Cold Manipulation-Captain Cold-Who's Who in the DC Universe #13

Mr. Freeze (DC) is a tragic supervillain that uses a variety of technology to fight Batman (Who’s Who #15).

Cold Manipulation-Mr. Freeze-Who's Who #15 (DC)

Polar Boy (DC) is a superhero generates cold from his body (Who’s Who #18).

Cold Manipulation-Polar Boy-Who's Who #18 (DC)

Tracy Strauss (Heroes) has this power.

 Cold manipulation–Tracy Strauss

Icicle (DC) used a freeze gun similar to that of Captain Cold.

Cold Manipulation-Icicle-DC Who's Who #11

Coldsnap is a member of the Brigade in the Wildstorm universe (Brigade Sourcebook #1).

Cold Manipulation-Coldsnap-Brigade Sourcebook #1

Ice Basilisk – Creature Collection I


Sleet Devil – Creature Collection I



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