138) Dragon Manipulation

Dragon Manipulation – The ability to control and/or alter a dragon’s behavior. The most obvious example of someone who controls a dragon would be a dragon rider but there are other more subtle and limited examples of controlling a dragon.

Trading Card Games appear have many cards that allow the player to control a dragon and/or share dragon lore.

Dragon 4 Erika’s Dragonair

Dragon Attack

Dragon Blood

Dragon Bone Hall

Dragon Capture Jar

Dragon Dwelling in the Cave

Dragon Fang

Dragon Feuds

Dragon Graveyard

Dragon Hunt

Dragon Kin Menace

Dragon Lore

Dragon Man

Dragon Manipulator

Dragon Piper

Dragon Prince

Dragon Rage

Dragon Rider

Dragon Riders of Ott

Dragon Riders

Dragon Seeker

Dragon Sickness

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Snake

Dragon Stone Vault

Dragon Treasure


Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Desolation

Dragon’s Fury

Dragon’s Hoard

Dragon’s Hunger

Dragon’s Lair

Dragon’s Nest

Dragon’s Rage

Dragon’s Teeth

Dragon’s Terror

Gazarias Dragon

Mya, Dragonling Wrangler

Sway Holy Dragon

Tempt Holy Dragon-Pillar 31

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