087) Breath (water)

Breath (water) – The ability to breathe through water in lieu of a gaseous medium. Not to be confused with an ability to go without breathing or to be able to breathe an alternative air supply.  Breath (water) is also known as Aquatic Respiration, Underwater Breathing, Underwater Respiration, and Water Breathing.

Literary Critique of Breath (water)

Namor (Marvel) learns how to breathe water again in Fantastic Four V1 #4.

Breath (water)–Namor

Chameleon Boy (DC) can breath underwater with Gill Masks in Action Comics #383.

Water breathing at the expense of breathing air was often used as a plot device during the Silver Age in the DC universe.

Batman V1 #118

Action Comics V1 #244

House of Mystery V1 #37

House of Mystery V1 #122

House of Secrets V1 #10

The Walkatrout (Ben 10) can breathe and live underwater.

Breath (water)-Walkatrout-Ben 10

Merfolk – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual I



Pirana – Unearthly Spectaculars #2 (Harvey)


Did you know most fish can breathe in fresh water or salt water but not both? This principle is applied to aquatic aliens in Undersea Agent #5 (Tower). I guess both DC and Marvel c0mics Atlanteans are Euryhaline organisms that can handle freshwater and saltwater unlike most fish.

Water Breathing Trading Card

Judge Dredd deals with crime in a Oxypool in “Innocents Abroad” 2000 AD #806.

The Invisible Woman (Marvel) is turned into a water breather by Namor in What If V1 #1.

Attuma  (Marvel) has a surprisingly astute plan involving underwater breathing in Tales of Suspense V1 #66.

Coral (Image) – Brigade Sourcebook #1

Roman (Image) – Brigade Sourcebook #1

Marineman (Image) – Ian Churchill’s Marineman #5


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